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Vand pastile Thoroughbred si Gator de la Andy Gilbert

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 9:20 pm
by costinu2000
Vand pastile de joc Thoroughbred 18 eur bucata si Gator 28 eur bucata de Break/ Jump de la Andy Gilbert. Gator se fac in numar limitat de catre Andy Gilbert fiindca sunt facute manual si sunt foarte greu de gasit chiar si la dealeri asa ca nu ratati ocazia de a avea probabil cea mai buna pastila de break/jump de pe piata la ora actuala.

Thoroughbred tips consist of 8 layers of dark brown Japanese pigskin and have the following features:
Provides excellent cue ball spin and control with minimal effort
Holds chalk exceptionally well and does not glaze over
Requires minimal maintenance after the initial break in period​
We test each tip individually using three different test procedures and rate them based on their hardness, compressibility (COR) and feel. Due to irregularities in leather within each hide and from hide to hide, it can be difficult to accurately predict the hardness of a single tip. After each tip is tested, it is given an overall average hardness rating in terms of the Shore D Durometer hardness scale. Hardness range from 64 (Very Soft) to 75 (Hard). The lower the durometer value, the softer the tip will feel.

Introducing.....GATOR Tips!!!

These high-performance jump/break tips were developed by Andy Gilbert to be the perfect complement to his J/B cues. For years Gilberts have been known as the industry standard for versatile, all-around J/B cues—they break, jump, and play extremely well.

These new tips take the breaking and jumping aspects to astounding new heights. Available on new cue orders and now sold individually, exclusively through me/CueAddicts.

• Multi-layer construction of treated pigskin (14.5mm)
• The result is an extremely hard, uniformly consistent tip, which has increased grip/bite when contacting the cue ball (superior control)
• 100% leather—legal in any playing format or tournament
• 100% hand-made in the USA

Awesome tips! Supercharge your jump/break cue today... Limited quantities are available

Re: Vand pastile Thoroughbred si Gator de la Andy Gilbert

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:16 pm
by costinu2000
Up ....pastile 100% foarte bune si calitative